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= Polish Valence Dictionary (Walenty) =

The Polish Valence Dictionary (Walenty) is an electronic dictionary of subcategorisation frames for 1438 Polish verbs and quasi-verbal predicates (2106 verbs if entries with the reflexive marker ''się'' as part of their base are counted separately).

The dictionary is an adaptation of the Syntactic Dictionary of Polish Verbs (Świdziński 1994) in a digitised version expanded by Witold Kieraś to include a number of frequent verbs missing from the original dictionary.

The dictionary represents valence as a list of individual frames describing a particular verbal base with a particular aspect (perfective, imperfective, or bi-aspectual, listed as ''_''). The actual argument structure is presented as a set of positions which must be filled by phrases of appropriate types and parameters. Individual positions may be marked for their status as a subject (''subj'') or a passivisable direct object (''obj''), and for their role in control relations with other positions in the argument structure (''controller'' and ''controlee'').

The presented resource results from an automatic conversion of Świdziński's dictionary, manually reviewed to include correct information about new features, including sentential subjects, passivisation, and control relations. Additionally, sentential subjects listed in Świdziński 1992 have been included.

The resource has been produced as part of the CESAR project (Central and Southeast European Resources) and is made available on META-SHARE.

== Format ==

The format of the dictionary (devised by the authors listed below) is based on the electronic version of Świdziński's dictionary, but includes a number of significant changes:

 * Arguments and their parameters consistently use Latin- or English-based terms.
 * Sentential phrases (''sentp'') are split into three categories based on the number of parameters they have (''cp'' for bare complementiser clauses, ''ncp'' for complementiser clauses with a correlative pronoun, ''prepncp'' for prepositional phrases involving a complementiser clause with a correlative pronoun).
 * Phrases representing arguments restricted in terms of semantic categories which may be expressed by a wider scope of syntactic constructions ('adverbial' phrases) are represented as ''xp''.
 * Multi-word prepositions are represented as ''comprepnp''.
 * Case requirements listed as the nominative and the accusative case in Świdziński's dictionary are represented as the structural case (''str'') in order to capture their alternation with other cases (as opposed to e.g. a lexical accusative present in prepositional phrases). In the subject position, the structural case may be nominative (in noun phrases) or a case represented as the accusative in the LFG grammar (in non-agreeing numeral phrases). In other (object) positions, the structural cases represent the accusative case or the genitive case (when the predicate is negated).
 * Subjects positions are listed as ''subj''. This includes sentential subjects.
 * Passivisable (direct) objects are listed as ''obj''. This includes non-accusative direct objects.
 * Control relations are represented, marking the ''controller'' and the ''controlee'' arguments. Control relations are involved e.g. in establishing the source of agreement for adjectival arguments.

== Sources ==

 * ŚWIDZIŃSKI, M. (1992). ''Realizacje zdaniowe podmiotu-mianownika, czyli o strukturalnych ograniczeniach selekcyjnych'', in: A. Markowski (ed.), ''Opisać słowa'', pp. 188–201, Dom Wydawniczy Elipsa, Warsaw.
 * ŚWIDZIŃSKI, M. (1994). ''Syntactic Dictionary of Polish Verbs'', Uniwersytet Warszawski / Universiteit van Amsterdam.

== Authors ==

 * Filip Skwarski <<MailTo(Filip DOT Skwarski AT SPAMFREE ipipan DOT waw DOT pl)>>
 * Elżbieta Hajnicz <<MailTo(hajnicz AT SPAMFREE ipipan DOT waw DOT pl)>>
 * Agnieszka Patejuk
 * Adam Przepiórkowski <<MailTo(Adam DOT Przepiorkowski AT SPAMFREE ipipan DOT waw DOT pl)>>
 * Marek Świdziński
 * Marcin Woliński <<MailTo(wolinski AT SPAMFREE ipipan DOT waw DOT pl)>>

== License ==

The data are available under a [[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/|CC BY-SA license]].

== Available resources ==

 * [[attachment:polish_valence_dictionary.zip|Text version]] of the present release of the Polish Valence Dictionary
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