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The Polish Round Table Corpus / Korpus Okrągłego Stołu

The Polish Round Table Corpus (PRTC) is a dataset documenting negotiations between the authorities in communist People's Republic of Poland and a section of the opposition (Solidarity movement, led by Lech Wałęsa) held in 1989 between 6 February and 5 April. The scanned transcripts have been acquired from the Library of Polish Sejm, OCR-ed, manually corrected and indexed in a concordancer.

Access to the corpus

The corpus is currently available for download and online search.


Preparation of the transcripts was financed by the European Regional Development Fund as a part of the 2014-2020 Smart Growth Operational Programme, CLARIN - Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, project no. POIR.04.02.00-00C002/19.